Android Application Components

Android Application Components

Android Application components are the fundamental building blocks of an Android application. These segments/components are  approximately  coupled by the application show file AndroidManifest.xml that explain every segment of the application and how they cooperate.

android application components

There are taking after four fundamental parts that can be used in an Android application:

  • Android Activities -They manages the UI and handles the client collaboration to the smartphone screen
  • Android Services -They handles foundation preparing connected with an application means to handle the background running apps.
  • Android Broadcast Receivers -The android Broadcast Receivers function is to  communicate between Android OS and applications.
  • Android Content Providers -They handles information data and database management issues.

What Is RCPC Components Android?

Actually It’s not Rcpc Components, it is RCP Components. RCP Components stands for Rich Client Platform and rcpc is a programmer tool that means it is simpler to combine impartial software components, where almost all of the data handling occurs on your client side. A typical bundling framework. The RCP component implements the favorite UNIX Remote Copy Protocol, used to copy data between systems.

Do I Need RCP Components?

Do I Need RCP Components On My Phone?

1. Android Activity

An Android activity shows a single screen with a client interface, in-short Activity performs some actions on the screen. For instance, an email application may have one activity that demonstrates a rundown of new emails, another activity to form an email, and another activity for perusing/reading emails. In the event that an application has more than one activity, then one of them ought to be set apart as the activity that is exhibited when the application is propelled.

A movement is actualized as a subclass of Activity class as follows

public class MainActivity extends Activity {

Here Is Full Tutorial Of Android Activity  On Andro Development.

2.  Android Services

An android services is a component that keeps running out of sight to perform long-running operations. For instance, a service may play music out of sight while the client is in an alternate application, or it may get information over the system without blocking client connection with an activity.

An  android services is executed as a subclass of Service class as follows−

public class MyService extends Service {


Here Is Full Tutorial Of Android Services On Andro Development

3. Android Broadcast Receivers

The Android Broadcast Receivers are also known as Communicate Receivers. it basically reacts to communicate messages from different applications or from the system.e.g apps can also start communicates to tell different applications that a few data has been downloaded to the device and is accessible for them to use it, so this is communicated receiver who will block this correspondence and will start the proper action.

An android broadcast receiver is executed as a subclass of Android Broadcast Receiver class and every message is a supporter as an Intent object.

public class MyReceiver  extends  BroadcastReceiver {
public void onReceive(context,intent){}


Here Is Full Tutorial Of Android Broadcast Receivers On Andro Development

4. Android Content Providers

An Android content providers component supplies information from one application to others on solicitation/request. Such asks for are taken care of by the techniques for the ContentResolver class. The information might be put away in the file system, the database or elsewhere altogether.
An android content providers is executed as a subclass of Android Content Providers class and should actualize a standard arrangement of APIs that enable different applications to perform exchanges.

public class MyContentProvider extends ContentProvider {
public void onCreate(){}

Here Is Full Tutorial Of Android Content Providers On Andro Development

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