Android Developer Tools

Android Developer Tools

Android Developer tools enable you to create interactive and powerful request for android program. Here is a list of android developer tools that every android developer should know. The various android developer tools can be grouped into two types generally

  • Android SDK tools
  • Android Platform tools

android developer tools


Android SDK tools

it is the one of the android developer tools. Android SDK tools are usually platform indie and are needed whichever android platform you will work on. Whenever you install the Android SDK into computer, these tools get installed automatically. The set of SDK tools has been listed below –

Android Developer Tools & Descriptions


This tool enables you to manage AVDs, assignments, and the installed the different parts of the SDK


This tool enables you to debug Google android applications

Pull 9-Patch

This tool allows you to create a NinePatch graphic by using a WYSIWYG editor easily


This tools enable you to test thoroughly your applications without by using a physical device


Helps you develop a drive image which you can use with the emulator


Shrinks, optimizes, and obfuscates your code by detatching unused code


Lets you access the SQLite data files created and employed by Android applications


Provides a visual viewers for execution logs kept by the application


Google android Debug Bridge (adb) is a flexible command lines tool that enables you to talk to an emulator occasion or linked Android-powered device.

We shall discuss three important android developer tools here that are android, sqlite3 and ddms.


Android os is a development tool that enables you to perform these duties:

  • Manage Google android Virtual Devices (AVD)
  • Create and revise Android projects
  • Revise your sdk with new program documents and add-ons
android [global options] action [action options]


DDMS (Dalvik Debug Monitor Server)

DDMS means Dalvik debug monitor server, offering many services on these devices. The ongoing service could include meaning creation, call spoofing, acquiring screenshot, exploring inner threads and record systems e.t.c

Running DDMS

From Android studio select Tools>Google android>Android device Keep an eye on.

How it operates

In google android, each application operates in its process and each process run in the electronic machine. Each VM exposes a distinctive port, a debugger can put on.

When DDMS begins, it links to adb. Whenever a device is linked, a VM monitoring service is established between adb and DDMS, which notifies DDMS whenever a VM on these devices is started out or terminated.

Making SMS

Making text to emulator.we have to call telnet server and customer as shown below

android developer tools

Select send button now, and you’ll see an text message notification in the emulator screen. It really is shown below

android developer tools

Making Call

Within the DDMS, choose the Emulator Control tabs. Within the emulator control tabs , select speech and begin keying in the inbound quantity then. It really is shown in the picture below

android developer tools

Now go through the call button to produce a call to your emulator. It really is shown below –

android developer tools

Now select hangup in the Android os studio windowpane to terminate the decision.

The fake text message and call can be looked at from the notification by simply dragging the notification windowpane to the guts using mouse. It really is shown below

android developer tools

Capturing ScreenShot

You are able to record screenshot of your emulator also. Because of this look for the camera icon on the right side under Devices tab. Just point your mouse over it and choose it.

Once you choose it , it’ll start the display capturing process and can take whatever display screen of the emulator presently lively. It really is shown below

android developer tools

The eclipse orientation can be evolved using Ctrl + F11 key. You will save the image or turn it and choose done to leave the display screen take dialog then.

Android Sqlite3

android Sqlite3 is a command word brand program which is employed to control the SQLite databases created by Android os applications. The tool also allow us to perform the SQL assertions on the travel.

You can find two way by which you may use SQlite , either from remote control shell or you may use locally.

Use Android Sqlite3 from a remote control shell.

Enter a remote control shell by joining the following order

adb [-d|-e|-s {<serialNumber>}] shell


From a remote control shell, start the sqlite3 tool by stepping into the following order –


Once you invoke sqlite3, you can concern sqlite3 directions in the shell. To leave and go back to the adb remote control shell, enter leave or press CTRL+D.

Using  Android Sqlite3 directly

By using sqlite3 directly u have to copy a database file from your device to your coordinator(host) machine.

adb pull <database-file-on-device>

Start the sqlite3 tool from the /tools directory site, specifying the database file –

sqlite3 <database-file-on-host>


Android Platform tools

The android developer tools are custom-made to aid the top features of the latest google android platform. The android platform tools are typically updated whenever you install a new SDK platform. Each upgrade of the system tools works with with more aged websites backward. A number of the program tools are listd below –

  • Android os Debug bridge (ADB)
  • Android Interface classification language (AIDL)
  • aapt, dexdump , and dex e.t.c