Android Emulator

Android Emulator

Android Emulator – The Google android SDK carries a exclusive mobile device android emulator that operates on your pc. The android emulator enables you to prototype, develop and test Google android applications without by using a physical device.

android emulator

In this android emulator section we will explore different functionalities in the android emulator that can be found in the true android device.

Creating AVD

If you wish to emulate a genuine device, first create  an AVD with the same device configurations as real device, kick off this AVD from AVD director then.

Changing Orientation

By default when you unveiling the emulator usually, its orientation is vertical, nevertheless, you can transform it orientation by pressing Ctrl+F11 key from your keyboard.

Launch the  emulator first. It really is shown in the picture below

android emulator

Once it is launched, press Ctrl+F11 key to improve its orientation. It really is shown below

android emulator

Android Emulator Commands

Aside from just orientation directions, there are very useful android emulator commands. You will need these android emulator commands while using emulator. They are simply the following –

Command line & description


Shifts to main screen


Toggles context hypersensitive menu


Draw out call log


End call




Toggle trackball mode


Power button


Toggle data network


Ring Volume level up


Ring Quantity down

Android Emulator – Sending SMS

You are able to emulate sending Text message to your  emulator. You can find two ways to achieve that. You can certainly do that from DDMS that can be found in Google android studio room, or from Telnet.

Sending Text message through Telnet

android emulator

Telnet is not empowered by default in microsoft windows. You must permit it to utilize it. Once allowed you can go to demand start and fast telnet by keying in telnet.

To be able to send SMS , make a note of the AVD amount that can be on the title pub of the emulator. Maybe it’s such as this 5554 e.t.c. Once mentioned , type this order in command quick.

telnet localhost 5554

Press get into when you type the order. It really is shown below in the figure.

android emulator


You will see that you are now linked to your  emulator. Type this command word to send msg now.

sms send 1234 "hello"

Once you type this command line , hit enter. Now go through the AVD. You will get a notification displaying that you have a new text. It really is shown below

android emulator

Android Emulator – Making Call

Yu can make phone calls to your  emulator using telent client easily. You will need to hook up to your android emulator from telnet. It really is reviewed in the mailing sms subject above.

you then shall type this command line in the telent screen to produce a call. Its syntax is listed below –

gsm call 1234

Once you type this order , struck enter. Now go through the AVD. You may get a call from the real amount your devote the order. It really is shown below

android emulator

Android Emulator – Transferring files

You can transfer files into the  emulator and vice versa easily. To carry out that, you will need to choose the DDMS utility in Android studio. From then on select the document explorer tab. It really is shown below

android emulator

Flick through the explorer and make new folder , view existing items e.t.c.