Earn Money From Slide App

Earn Money From Slide App

Slide App is one of the most used and useful android app. You can earn money with it. It Is very simple and effortless. You can earn free Recharge.


Its very easy to use. Just follow the following steps

When you install Slide, you’ll have an  ad as your phone’s lock screen backround. You can either ignore or engage with the ad; either way, you earn the same amount every time you unlock your phone.

  • Use your phone as you normally would (so there’s no need for you to constantly lock and unlock your phone)
  • Actually swipe on the ad (left or right) instead of bypassing the lockscreen by pressing the home button
  • Refer friends (since the more users we have the more advertisers we would have)
  • You sign up through Facebook

As you continue using the app and sliding left to engage with ads you like or right to disregard ads you dislike, our app learns about your preferences and will show you more ads similar to the ones for which you slide left.

While it won’t make you rich, users typically take home an extra $5-15 a month.


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