Features of Firebase

Features of Firebase

Firebase Features – Firebase includes number features essential for each and every android application beginning with authentication to web host the app.

Features Of Firebase

Below are Firebase Features generally:

  1.  A breeze and quick to put into implement.
  2. No server aspect construction needed. No PHP Scripts no Database Designs.
  3. Realtime update without needing GCM.
  4. Auto-scaling built-in
  5. Can start free of charge (only need to get started on paying after we hit 50 contacts)
  6. Robust APIs for Javascript (including several frameworks like Angular), iOS, and Android
  7. Built-in support for authentication services like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Github.
  8. Declarative Security Guidelines model we can enforce read/write privileges and data validation throughout the tree

Disadvantages Of Firebase

As everything has advantages and as well as has disadvantages so firebase has disadvantages which are given below

  1.  Have to build indexes manually
  2. Might need to build “event log” physically as well (in different sub-tree?
  3. Implementation of Leftovers API could be difficult on inserted platforms
  4. Data validation guidelines do not support intricate objects straight (you’d need to validate specific child nodes independently)


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