What is Android

What Is Android

To Understand the word Android you should read the following Terms.

  1. What Is Android
  2. What Is Android Development
  3. What Is SDK
  4. What Is APK

1. What is Android

Android an operating-system found in smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. It really is an operating-system predicated on the Linux kernel and made for Touchscreen cell phones such as smartphones Operating-system and tablets etc. Android, Inc primarily Developed and nowadays Google is taking over

what is android this. It really is a wide open and free source. As an android application framework, Android packs a thorough set of advanced functions for developers to generate applications with rich user activities and complex logic.

The first Commercial version was android 1.0 and premiered in 2008. It’s the world’s powerful smartphone system. Google android Operating-system installed on cell phones and tablets that gain access to Google services like Gmail,Google Maps, SE’S and so forth. It convert your mobile into a pc. Android Operating-system is most ever before used Operating-system

2. What is Android App Programming

Android app development or Android app Programming is the process by which new applications are made for the Android operating system. Android Applications are generally developed in Java programming language using the Android software development kit (Android SDK) which we discussed below. Build your first android app now.

3. What Is Android SDK

SDK stands for Android Software Development Kit. The Android  software development kit (Android SDK) is basically a set of android software development tools for the creation of android applications for a software package, software framework, video game console, operating system. Android SDKs include much more tools like libraries, documentation and sample code that can help a developer to develop an application. In Shortly we defined Android SDK as SDK is an android  software development kit, a programming package that allows a programmer to create android applications for a specific purpose.

4. What Is Apk File

APK stands for android application package. The Android application package file (APK) is the file format which is used to install android application software and middle-ware onto Google’s Android operating system. It is basically a package file format generally used for Google’s Android operating system and . Apk is very similar to an MSI package in Windows or a Deb package in Debian-based OS like Ubuntu Kali Linux. .apk extensions are ZIP file formatted packages based on the JAR file format. It is a great platform for smartphones and tablet. However, android is just the operating system running based on Linux, but not one Linux version .apk file extensions.